The next level of washing


The next level of washing - Picture 1
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Digitalized experiences are omnipresent. However the look of certain product categories remain very conservative. How does the future of washing machines look like? How might we communicate the many advantages of front loading washing machines?

Based on an in-depth observation of chinese washing habits at their homes and in stores we rethought the integration of washing machines into everyday life together with the Haier Innovation Design Team. The elevated position and enlargement of the door supports a better handling of the laundry throughout the whole washing process. Additionally it effectively communicates the huge capacity of the inner drum. The formerly unstructured interface elements are rearranged and reduced into one single display. The linear interface structure allows to intuitively guide the user to the best possible washing result. Additionally smart dosing and connected features reduce complexity in order to support a pleasant washing experience.

The reduction of all elements ensures an avant-garde look and a seamless integration into the living environment. We joined the Haier Innovation Design Team during the concept design phase. By providing an external perception combined with internal insights we focused on both the visual appearance and the interactive experience. The highly productive and iterative collaboration led to positive feedback and was finalized by Haier in-house design.

The next level of washing - Image The next level of washing - Image 1The next level of washing - Image 2The next level of washing - Image 3