Spectra + Vetro

Franke Kaffeemaschinen AG

Spectra Basic is an innovative, modular convertible system with technical finesses. It embraces various possible combinations which always lead to a perfect configuration. The machines can work solo or as a modular system of peripheral devices and accessories, including cooling units, cup warmers and cocoa makers. Its outstanding, unmistakable design lends a modern yet timeless emotionality to the coffee makers – the perfect blend of precision, technology and quality. The form language joins distinct straightness and soft waves. Innovative materials and novel interaction concepts communicate both robustness and lightness with an impressive and at the same time subtle lighting.

Spectra + Vetro - Picture 1
Spectra + Vetro - Picture 2
Spectra + Vetro - Picture 3

Spectra + Vetro - Image Spectra + Vetro - Image 1