Multidoor Refrigerator Family


From strategy to market success. As a part of a comprehensive design consulting project, we developed a design strategy for Haier’s new multi-door refrigerator product family. Based on an extensive market and user research we defined archetypes for the product family along with a scaling strategy including technology, setup and CMF tiers. Vital to the project was the design alignment to the newly defined target segments, while keeping the option to expand to the European market as well.

Multidoor Refrigerator Family - Picture 1
Multidoor Refrigerator Family - Picture 2

Subsequently we developed the key-archetypes of the most relevant segments – Good, Better, Best. The design development phase included the exterior as well as the interior design. The custom tailored interior for Asian customers include rich storage features as big volume egg trays, fully sealed storage for smelly food and is generally built for maximum flexibility. Part of the design strategy is the timeless and distinctive product language that gives an Asian touch to the Western clearness. To this day, three refrigerators from this product family have been launched.

Multidoor Refrigerator Family - Image Multidoor Refrigerator Family - Image 1