H2 - Smart Home Branding


The H2 Smart Home brand was introduced at the 2017 CeBit fair in Hannover. The event is considered as an indicator of current trends and measurement for state of the art in information technology. The new IoT solution for domestic use was designed for the eesy innovation start-up. The H2 brand owes its visual consistency across all touchpoints to coherent communication strategy.

H2 - Smart Home Branding - Picture 1
H2 - Smart Home Branding - Picture 2
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The H2 communication strategy tells the story of the friendly smart technology that makes life easier. The storytelling focuses on the benefits smart devices bring to our everyday life rather than on technological features. Premium design combined with warm imagery and human voice support the H2 brand as being approachable for everyone.The unifying idea of user-friendly technology manifests itself in the design of H2 smart home devices. The marketing materials’ visual language reinforces this message by its clarity and simplicity. Home automation is not reserved for the tech-savvy users anymore. The H2 smart home belongs to the lifestyle category. Visual consistency from industrial to digital product design achieved through the user-centered brand strategy.

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