H2 - Smart Home


H2 is a smart lifestyle brand, that offers its users app-powered accessories. Easily approachable - H2 makes smart technology affordable and usable for everyone. In 2017 the product was awarded with Universal Expert Award. The H2 smart home was designed for “eesy-innovation”. The H2 smart home product family is the perfect start into home automation and blends seamlessly into different interior styles.

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The growing product portfolio already includes different sensors in the categories of health, living, security and energy. All devices are connected to the gateway, which via cloud connection allows to have access from anywhere and to share the information with family and friends.The H2 smart home is a complete networking system consisting of app, weather station, open closed detector for doors and windows, air quality sensor, smoke sensor, motion sensor and a smart plug, which allows to switch connected devices on or off at any time from anywhere. All products are aiming to give consumers the ability to remotely check their home and to interact via smart phone or tablet, as well as simplify their daily life’s. All products come along with a 128 AES +CTR encryption level fulfilling highest communication security standards.

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