H-WAH 500


In today’s increasingly complex world, solutions which simplify daily routines are paramount. For the I-Refresh series our main objective was to improve user experience, thus making processes easier, faster and more intuitive. This washing machine can be controlled via mobile device and the door can be opened simply by tapping the glass.
By considering the entire user experience, functional elements were integrated in the order of use to intuitively guide the user through the operating steps: interface, drum, detergent dosage.

H-WAH 500 - Picture 1
H-WAH 500 - Picture 2

During the concept design phase together with the Haier Innovation Design Team, we translated external European perspectives and internal Chinese insights into both the visual appearance and the interactive experience. After a highly creative and iterative collaboration, the concept was finalized by Haier in-house design and provided the base for the H-WAH 500.

H-WAH 500 - Image