charging station Munich


charging station SWM - Picture 1
charging station SWM - Picture 2
charging station SWM - Picture 3

Answering the increasing public interest in e-mobility, SWM in collaboration with MVG increased the charging infrastructure for the private consumers. The initiative is part of a bigger concept of sustainable mobility for Munich, which includes the investments in innovative and eco-friendly public mobility, as well as supplementary services such as MVG bike rental system and cooperation with leading car-sharing providers. The new charging stations located in various parts of the city gained a common visual design aligned with the SWM/MVG corporate identity. The graphic design can be easily adapted to different models of charging stations. The stations blend into the neat and moderate urban structure, and at the same time can be recognized from the distance thanks to the new icon and blue stripes on the side symbolizing the loading process.

charging station SWM - Image