Braun CareStyle Compact

N+P was in charge of questioning established archetypes, creating new concepts and finding a new ergonomic and space-saving solution. That idea was brought to the production state by Braun.
Many thanks for the fruitful cooperation with the internal design team of Braun.

Braun CareStyle Compact - Picture 1
Braun CareStyle Compact - Picture 2
Braun CareStyle Compact - Picture 3

The unique feature of the Braun CareStyle Compact is the space-saving form and exceptional silhouette. The innovative vertical design has a smaller footprint than comparable steam generator irons. The power cord and double cord can easily be stored on the tank and a special lock enables carrying the whole station with one hand.
The visionary concept and design elements of the N+P drafts influenced the final product and the ergonomic shape of the Braun CareStyle Compact.

Braun CareStyle Compact - Image