Giesecke & Devrient

It is a platform solution from which, depending on the requirements and processes of the job, you can choose precisely the system you need, tailored to the required application, and optimized for your business. The system family features not only design excellence but also unparalleled userfriendliness. G+D is raising the benchmark in this class with a new generation of sensors, and the BPS C2’s high throughput means that productivity can be increased considerably. The innovative BPS C2 sets new standards in the tabletop system sector. It excels with its distinctive look and G+D’s future-oriented design language: A perfect combination of engineering and aesthetics – made in Germany.

BPS C2 - Picture 1
BPS C2 - Picture 2

The high quality throughput of the BPS C2 considerably increases productivity. With no loss of speed, banknotes are counted, checked for authenticity, and sorted by denomination, orientation, and quality. User-oriented and optimized operator guidance keep the number of work steps required to a minimum. The BPS C2 boasts a sensor of the ultimate class – fast, reliable, precise.

The touch driven operating terminal has been designed with ergonomics in mind. It provides up to three different positions, accomodating both taller or shorter users, while standing or sitting.

Reliability is not only based upon precision but also on fast access in the case of a paper jam. For that very reason the BPS C2 provides an easy and fast one hand opening mechanism on top of the machine to assure good access to the banknote transport system.

BPS C2 - Image