Maglev S1 Beijing

The S1 in Beijing is the first low-speed maglev train resembling metro trains, being able to transport more than 1000 people in one train. In contrast to high-speed maglev trains, the purpose of the S1 is the local public transport with low to medium speed.

Beijing S1 Maglev - Picture 1
Beijing S1 Maglev - Picture 2

The most prominent part of the exterior is the strongly curved head area. The white bended A-columns connect the upper part of the carbody with the lower curved panelling of the magnetic levitation area. The slightly recessed sidewalls visually underline this effect. The front and tail section continue the grey of the roof until the track area. The high-gloss grey paint takes up the colour of the windows to form a band.


The interior features warm grey panelling elements, light wood reproduction, anodized aluminium, glass and stainless steel for a clean, modern appearance with a cozy impression. The red accentuation of the exterior is continued in the pattern of the seat upholstery. Each car features a special area for wheelchairs near the bellows. Leaning supports are located near the entrances and in the wheelchair area. The design of the compartment with its harmoniously ceiling and wide areas along the sidewall creates a wide impression for a comfortable journey.

Beijing S1 Maglev - Image Beijing S1 Maglev - Image 1