Arri Medical

The Arriscope is the world's first fully-digital high-definition surgical microscope for stereoscopic viewing. For the first time in the history of surgical microscopy it is possible to visualize the operating area not as an optical image, instead surgeons can now see a high definition digital 3D image through a binocular microscope. The heart of the Arriscope is the digital camera system Arri ALEXA, which has already been used in many Oscar-winning films and provides contrasting, crisp and brilliant high resolution images of the operating area.

Arriscope - Picture 1
Arriscope - Picture 2

The digital image can be recorded and duplicated without loss of quality. This offers immense educational benefits since junior doctors, medical students other stakeholders can monitor every important detail of an operation in 3 dimensions - High-tech meets modest, durable design - reduced to the essentials.

Arriscope - Image Arriscope - Image 1